Do Virtual Tarot Services Work?

I have seen a number of virtual tarot services this week and it made me think of the many times I have been asked – does virtual tarot work? The answer to this is not so simple however and mostly lies in how you approach them and maybe even what your level of knowledge is in the first place. So I though I would put together a few pros and cons to using virtual tarot so that you can feel able to make fully informed choices.

But firstly, what is virtual tarot? For the most part these are automated online tarot services that randomly present you with a number of tarot cards of your choosing after you have asked a question. They will provide you with an explanation of what each card means so you can make sense of the answer. The random nature of the cards is said to represent the apparent random choosing of cards by either yourself or your tarot reader.

The Cons of Using Virtual Tarot

  • Firstly, there is more to interpreting the meaning of tarot cards than just their individual meaning. An experienced reader will know about all the different types of meanings, the nuances, the combinations of the cards as they are drawn together as well as what the relevance of the order of them is. So it may be a bit too simplistic to give you a true picture.
  • The drawing of the cards may seem to be random but in fact, it’s believed by tarot readers to be based on energies and connections. So it is either your energy or that of your reader that is being used and appropriate cards will come forward because of this.
  • Guidance may be lost. Virtual tarot may tell you what the cards mean but does it tell you what the cards are urging you to do to make things better? This is where the true beauty of the tarot is for me and it helps us to navigate our way through life’s crazy maze!

The Pluses of Virtual Tarot

  • Virtual tarot is certainly fun! Mostly, there are disclaimers to let you know that this is just for your entertainment but you can still enjoy being drawn into the mystical world of tarot and marvelling over the different look and feel of every card.
  • It’s also very quick and so if you have an pressing question come to you then you can take an instant look to see if you get any interesting answers come back.
  • Virtual tarot can be great for learning more about tarot cards without having to try too hard. Before long, you will start to recognise the cards and to be aware of the sorts of energies and meanings that they carry with them. You may even find that they have personal significance to you after a while. I wouldn’t recommend it as a substitute for studying books or learning from professionals but as mentioned above, it can certainly be a fun way to get some ideas of what it’s all about!

Source by Francesca Ashcroft

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