Hindu Baby Names Are Usually a Combination of Modern, Rare and Uncommon

Hindu baby names are based on the various facets of art and culture of India, including its colorful celebrations, music, dance and the rich, ancient cultural heritage. Birth of a Hindu child is a religious activity and naming him/her is associated with rituals, feasting and social gathering.

The name is selected which inspires the child to follow a path of righteousness and goodness. The names endowed upon the new born babies are usually suggestive of divine qualities of Vedic deities. Family history often comes into play during this process. Many names come from nature, particularly flowers, example Jasmine, rivers such as Kaveri, other landscape features and cosmic patterns.

Hindu babies names are also based on the names of sage and saints, holy persons, deities and incarnation of Hindu gods. According to religious beliefs, repeated addressing of the child by these names inspires stronger faith. Naming according to scriptural procedures is performed four to six months after birth. Usually close relatives and spouses chip in with suggestions.

However, under normal circumstances parents and other close relatives often have numerous backup names prior to the commencement of the naming ritual and selecting the actual one. There are lots of unisex baby names which are given to both boys and girls but it is always better to be gender specific. Caution should be applied when assigning Hindu baby names lest it causes the child to be ridiculed in school at a later stage.

Generally the most popular Hindu names for babies are traditional ones from Vedas, Sanskrit and Mythology. Parents tend to hunt for unique names for their babies from the family elders, family priests, Astrologers and recently from the Internet. Tradition still rules and time tested approach of naming babies as per birth month and zodiac star configuration. A new trend which has evolved while naming Hindu babies is consultation with numerologist in advance. Some of the most common male baby names for Hindu are Avijit, Avishek, while female Hindu baby names are equally charming.

India is a diverse country with various dialects and customs. The baby names for Telegu community in the Southern states denote happiness such as “Anandi” for girls and there are equally numerous enchanting Telegu baby names for boys. The Punjabi toddler names for boys are based on warriors while Punjabi baby girl names are mostly divine based on folklore, gods and goddesses. In general Hindu baby names have a direct meaning mostly associated with divinity and mythology.

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