How to Consecrate a Tarot or Oracle Deck

To get the best work from your Tarot or Oracle cards, consecrate them for their specific use before you being to use them. Some people believe they should not be opened before this ritual, but as long as they haven’t been used it’s ok.

This consecration ritual is a suggestion. If you have a ritual that is more comfortable for you, use that one. Here’s a list of what you will need:

  • An Altar or table, snack table, end table, whatever you normally use, or can use for this purpose.
  • A Black and a white candle, or gold and silver
  • A small votive candle
  • The new unused or sealed deck of cards
  • A antheme,
  • A dagger, or short sword
  • A general use wand
  • A wand for fire
  • A chalice or cup
  • Pentacle

Being by setting up Sacred Space. Remove all electronics, children and pets from the space and then cleanse or smudge the area. Sprinkle a bit of sea salt around the edges and you are ready.

  • Place the altar or table so that it and you will be facing east.
  • Place the black candle on the East and left side of the altar.
  • Place the white candle of the East and right side of the altar.
  • Place the small white votive candle between the black and white candles and slightly more to the East than either of those two candles.
  • Place the sword to the West of the three candles. Centering it, Place the grip to the left side, the tip to the right.
  • Place your deck of cards in the center of the altar.
  • To the left place the pentacle.
  • To the right of your deck of cards place the Fire Wand and point the tip to the East.
  • The General Use Wand goes long the far right side with the tip pointing to the East, the grip to the far West of the table.
  • Below the deck of cards place the chalice
  • Finally, place the dagger or antheme to the far left of the altar with the grip to the West edge.

Spend a few minutes in meditation and then begin a lesser banishing ritual. After you have finished stand to the west side of your altar facing east.

  • With the General Use Wand, trace a circle and banishing sign over the deck. This will cleanse the deck.
  • Trace a cross over the deck and say whatever words you wish to use to consecrate the deck for a specific use.
  • Visualize the angel of Tarot HRU, holding his hand over the deck and visualize the hand forming a ball of light around the deck.
  • Strike the deck with the wand three times and visualize yourself filling with white light that projects from your third eye and your heart into the deck.
  • Now fan out the cards and retrace the cross over them.
  • Ask that the words and images of the cards be activated and that your work with them be blessed.
  • Perform the Banishing Ritual once more.
  • Declare your Sacred Space closed.

Your newly acquired Tarot or Oracle deck is now fully consecrated. Although you don’t have to perform a ritual each time you acquire a new deck, you will find it helps you connect with them more strongly and that will offer better quality readings.

Source by Lillie Ruby

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