Timing in the Tarot Reading

I received some good questions from my Tarot students, so I thought I would answer them here. The conversation may be a benefit to a lot of you.

Question: What is the time frame for the following cards when we do a reading for the next 24 hours: 3 Far past 4 Near past 5 Near future 6 Far future 10 Outcome

For example, does Near past represent yesterday? Does Near future represent the afternoon of the same day? Does Far future represent the evening of the same day? Does the Outcome represent what the day leads to, or the result of the day’s efforts?

Answer: First, this is referring to using the Celtic Cross layout. In the homework assignment, students are to do a reading each day that will reveal what the day holds for them. So this question is about deciphering the time elements in the layout.

The far past represents whenever the seeds were planted for this issue. So if a person is going to lose their job that day, the far past may have been the day the boss received a negative report about the person or the day the employee broke an ethical code. The card in that position may reveal details of the originating event.

This event leads to the events or situation depicted in the near past. The timing on this card is anywhere between the original event (far past) and this very moment.

The near future is what will happen next. And the far future will follow and can extend any time into the future.

The outcome is the result of all the activities in the reading.

So in my example, You are doing a reading for the day. You see in the middle (card #1) that there is an upsetting event. In the far past you see there was that little incident where you took home supplies from the office. In the near past there is a decision being made that will affect you. You are standing, in time, between the near past and the near future. You see in the near future that there is a meeting with your boss, and in the far future, you are looking for a new job. The outcome may be a new position with better money.

If you are interested in being more precise with timing, you can designate a corresponding time range for each position. Have it precisely in mind while you are shuffling. So, while shuffling you may tell yourself (or the cards) that the far past is going to relate to events last week and the far future is a week in the future. I don’t do this, myself, but I have imposed time on the reading, by designating each layer of the reading as a single day, or a week. But even then, I see the past as before that day, and the future as extending beyond that day.

We can go over this again in the follow up class coming up on Wednesday. And I have another question to answer tomorrow!

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