Types of Tarot Cards

The origin of tarot cards is a very huge controversy and there are many theories about it. Some people believe that the tarot cards started off in the northern parts of Italy in the 15th century. Some others believe that it originated in medieval Europe. Others think that they originated in Egypt for sure. The cards that are widely used for predictions today are from Italy. Also, some readers use different types of cards. Some even use a Greek version of it.

The cards were actually using as playing cards during the ancient times, but in today’s world, they are mainly used for foretelling. Each deck will have about 78 cards. It has a unique meaning and a symbol. There are two sets of cards that are used and they are major arcana and minor arcana. There are many types of cards used in the Western world.

The Benedetti Tarot cards are based on ancient fortune telling of Italy and they were influenced by the Visconti. The leaves on these cards are painted with gold. These cards are used by readers who like to add a bit of beauty to their cards and make them look attractive.

The Cat people tarot cards are a type that are basically used to read the mind of people. They enable the person to see distant location and make inquiries of people living faraway. There are several more tarot like the Actor cards which are attractive; the Curious Tarot cards, which are modern; the Coleman Smith that comes in psychedelic colors, the Golden, and the Phoenix cards.

Source by Kum Martin

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